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New Zealand has seen various variants of COVID-19, like Delta and Omicron, with more expected to come.  To protect residents in aged care facilities, we recommend installing our system to continuously disinfect  the indoor air.

Horyzen Air’s Dielectric Barrier Discharge BiPolar Ionisation (DBD BPI) air purification systems can neutralise the airborne and surface particulates, as well as pathogens, enabling aged care facilities to provide clients with greater peace of mind.

There is a common misconception that HEPA will protect a space, however, for various reasons, HEPA may not be of value for controlling Coronavirus in an indoor area (if you’d like more information as to why, email for a short paper).​

Backed by Science to Neutralise 99.9% of Covid-19 virus from circulating air and surfaces

Our aim is to give you a solution to physically remove the pathogen, eliminating it all together. All facilities should be implementing the other three methods by their own protocols and safety procedures.

HQH Fitness is a member of a Supplier Panel for Air Purification with the MOH.

Exercise Solutions for Aged Care

Exercise options in aged care facilities is an important factor regarding the health of residents and exercise options need to be simple and achievable for any user.

Total Gym is a cost effective, versatile line of products that enable clients of all fitness levels to achieve their fitness goals in a functional manner. Total Gym provides exercise solutions for individuals and for facilities, including specialist rehabilitation requirements.

Depending on floor space, we will advise the best choices that will allow your residents to improve their strength and mobility, in turn bettering their overall health.

Customer testimonial

Myself and my wife are aged 82 and we are both using the total gym with great results. I previously used a weight machine and found it not to be very helpful. We are both very active and the gym just adds that extra bit of fitness and keeps everything strong and flexible. – Bernie Dare

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