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Dieticians and chefs working with aged care facilities want easy wins. Catering to the needs of many residents every day, aged care menu-makers turn to products that are simple to use, consistent in size and flavour, delicious, and deliver every time.

Angel Bay has five products that are menu favourites with aged care dieticians: lite beef burgers, gluten-free beef burgers, beef rissoles, lamb rissoles, and meatballs. Together, they set our 12-point fitness standard for aged care suitability.

12 reasons we’re on the menu every day in different ways:

1. Versatile

Angel Bay products give dieticians multiple ‘easy to prepare’ menu planning options, helping them meet residents’ special and general needs with quality products that underpin a balanced yet varied weekly menu. Our products slot easily into breakfast, lunch, and dinner services.

2. Nostalgia

This is number two on the list for a reason. Food memory plays a huge role in our day-to-day happiness, and hamburger patties and rissoles bring those memories of home-cooked good times flooding back.

3. Quality protein

We only use quality New Zealand beef and lamb; all the protein you want with no filler.

4. Health

Our beef and lamb are rich in iron, zinc, and omega 3, and provide a unique ‘power pack’ of nutrients important to optimal health. Plus, we offer lite patties that are low sodium and low fat, giving dieticians healthier (and possibly more regular) menu options.

5. Halal and gluten-free options

Having gluten-free and halal products make them perfect for looking after specific dietary or preparation needs, as well as catering for family and community events.

6. Part-cooked convenience

Angel Bay products are part-cooked, bulk packed in a lined carton, ready to be removed and heated in a microwave, oven or on a BBQ. Even on days when the cooks are away, just about anyone can prepare these patties and rissoles.

7. Individually snap frozen

Use them as you need them: take the menu items from the freezer and they’ll be ready in minutes!

8. Great taste

Our patties now have that ‘home-cooked’ flavour profile, and the feedback keeps coming back with two thumbs up.

9. Consistency

Our patties and rissoles cook to the same weight and deliver the same protein with every serving. This consistency gives you confidence in delivering a healthy menu day after day.

10. Easy variety

With Angel Bay at the heart of your recipe, and small changes you may make bring lots of variety. For example, switching out the Mexican sauce for the meatballs to Moroccan is a whole new meal! Small tweaks can make a big difference.

11. Cost effective

Angel Bay is often cheaper than using fresh produce and can reduce the overall cost per resident.

12. Easy to chew

Simple, soft, easy-to-chew ingredients are a big win for aged care menu planners.

That’s our baker’s dozen of reasons Angel Bay delivers for aged care. It’s a big checklist, but our aged care customers require and deserve quality, consistency and delicious easy-to-digest variety!

Looking for menu ideas? We’ve got a variety of recipes with Angel Bay at the heart of every easy-to-prepare meal. Check it out here.