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Ryman Healthcare is a pioneer in retirement living. Ryman’s belief in providing the best care and living environment for the older generation is summed up in an ethos of “Everything we do must be good enough for mum – or dad.”

‘Everything we do must be good enough for mum – or dad.”

It’s an ethos that resonates with us at FIRST Security.

Security is often defined as ‘the state of feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety,’ or, in other words: peace of mind. Our own sense of personal security changes as we move through the phases of our lives, and as a provider of security risk management solutions, we believe that security is a basic need, and particularly so for older people.

FIRST proudly provides innovative security solutions for a number of Ryman properties. This is highlighted by the trusted relationships we have created.

As Ryman expands its network of villages, FIRST acts as a security enabler, providing mobile security patrol services to newly acquired sites, security guarding of sites throughout the construction phase, and a range of security services during and after the village is built.

We do a lot more than just security,” says FIRST Security’s Wellington-based Senior Account Manager Natasha Pennell. “During the demolition phase in some ways we become like property managers, managing keys, arranging tradesmen and access, and supporting beyond a traditional security remit.’

With 27 branches located across Aotearoa, FIRST is one of the largest providers of security personnel services in the country. This means we’re able to respond ‘in numbers’ when needed. When COVID-19 initially struck in New Zealand in 2020, we deployed hundreds of guards at short notice to provide additional security and safety for Ryman’s residents and staff.

Throughout COVID-19 FIRST Security delivered a high standard of service, quickly adapting to the changing situation by being able to provide extra services at short notice and training for officers to conduct temperature checks for staff and visitors,” says FIRST Security CEO Tim Covic. “Collaborating with Ryman we acted promptly and efficiently to protect their vulnerable residents.

More than a security guarding company, FIRST Security is a provider of ‘integrated security solutions’. This means that we are a trusted partner to our clients in the management of their security and safety related risks. We understand that the effective management of these risks is an important enabler for organisations to achieve their goals free from disruption, harm, financial loss and reputational damage.

We make it our business to partner with our clients and thoroughly understand their mission so that we can identify the security risks that could affect their ability to achieve their objectives,” Tim says.

It’s a risk-based approach to security that’s built on a foundation of transparency, partnership and governance.”

In 36 locations up and down the length of New Zealand, each Ryman village is unique in terms of layout, the nature of the site, and how it is situated within the context of its surrounding community. As part of our service to Ryman we have developed a blueprint for assessing individual village security requirements to ensure that security measures remain up-to-date and fit-for-purpose.

FIRST is also able to offer personalised solutions as part of its range of aged care services. These include GIS-enabled personal devices, such as pendants, that enable more responsive management of the safety of those living with dementia.

Delivering ‘peace of mind’ for our mums and dads is a priority that FIRST Security shares with Ryman, and we are proud to be partnering with Ryman to ensure that its residents feel safe and secure always.