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Looking for a fireplace without all the extra hassle and all the extra aesthetics? Well, here’s six reasons why you should choose Ambe.

1. You get all the fire, without the fuss

We all have fond memories of gathering around the fire. The calming nature of flickering flames is nurturing, inviting us in to relax, reset, and connect with loved ones.

So it’s no surprise that a fireplace makes a house feel like a home. However, traditional wood and gas fireplaces aren’t always suitable for every home or lifestyle – wood fires require council consents and installation can be complex.

Ambe Electric Fireplaces give you the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Easy to install, easy to use, and easy on the wallet too – giving you a lot for a little.

Electric fireplaces often don’t have the best reputation, but thanks to Ambe’s sophisticated flame-picture technology, you can have the look and feel of a real fireplace without the mess or maintenance.

2. They’ll transform any space

Ambe Electric Fireplaces come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes that will transform any interior, and create a focal point with the alluring impact of flame.

For the minimalist looking for a modern addition to a modest space, the Ambe Linear is sleek, stylish and simple. A seamless addition to your existing décor.

For those who dare to be different, the Ambe Electric Corner Fireplace is for you – quirky, unique, unexpected, and sure to spark a conversation.

And for those looking for a style statement, something a little extra to steal the show, then look no further than the Ambe Electric Bay Fireplace boasting three sides of flame viewing.

3. You can choose the look you love

Ambe puts the design in your hands with three interchangeable fuelbeds and a range of LED light display options.

Fuelbeds are designed with realistic detail, brought to life by an advanced selection of 50 LED lighting options.

Dress up your interior to suit your mood, the weather, or the festive season – there is something for everyone and every occasion.

And if you can’t choose just one, you can set it to ‘multi’ for a fantastic display of changing colours – an entertainer’s delight.

4. You can have warmth where you want it

Ambe was made for townhouses, units and lifestyle apartments. Unlike a wood fire, these fireplaces can be installed anywhere with no need for a chimney or flue, letting you bring warmth and ambience to any corner of the home.

Whether it’s a fireplace in the bedroom or integrated into bespoke cabinetry, Ambe makes it easy.

The possibilities are endless, encompassing the different style, function and lifestyle requirements of your home.

5. They’re easy and convenient

Operating your Ambe couldn’t be easier. All Ambe electric fireplaces come with a simple and straight-forward remote control – turn it on, adjust the temperature and even change the light display at the touch of a button.

Plus with optional smartphone control, Ambe integrates seamlessly into your home, allowing you to control it from most mobile phones. Perfect for modest spaces, they heat up instantly creating a cosy comfortable heat.

When you don’t need the heat but you want a touch of drama to fill the space, Ambe can be run simply as a captivating flame display with no heat output.

6. Ambe is family friendly, and safe to touch

Ambe Electric Fireplaces have been designed so that all the glorious warmth enters the room via a top vent, and no heat is contained within the glass display.

This means all Ambe fireplaces are safe to touch, so you can cosy up to the fire with no worry about curious little fingers and paws getting in the way.