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There is something unmistakable about the taste of home cooking. It triggers memories; filling the heart with joy and, when made right, ticking all the boxes on the dietician’s checklist for a healthy, happy human!

A lite option that’s still heavy on the homestyle

Recently, Angel Bay added a lite alternative to their beef patty lineup. These patties are New Zealand made and designed with the health-conscious consumer in mind.

The Angel Bay team want to help dieticians enhance menu planning and ease of preparation, helping them meet the special and general needs of residents by crafting products that underpin a balanced yet varied weekly menu.

Anyone can cook them

Busy aged care facilities need healthy, delicious menu options that anyone can make. That, right there, is the genius behind the Angel Bay brand making it ‘every day easy’ to achieve high-end results.

Finding someone to prepare delicious, nutritious meals is not a problem with Angel Bay Lite patties. They are part-cooked to a final weight of 54g, bulked packed in a lined carton ready to be removed and heated to >75°C in a hot plate, microwave, oven, BBQ and even air fryer, then eaten.

High nutritional value

Angel Bay is popular with aged care facilities because their homestyle beef and lamb products consistently deliver quality, nutritional products that are simply delicious. Each 54-gram patty provides 8.9 grams of protein and only 328 kilojoules per serve.

These new lite beef patties are made with a reduced-fat, low sodium formulation compared to the Angel Bay Beef Burger Patties Part Cooked. They might be lite in fat and sodium, but they are still soft with a chunky texture and a meaty beef taste.

Multiple menu options

American style or with a little bit of beetroot, mate – as a cheeseburger or in a pita pocket? What about a simple open sandwich for a Sunday lunch? There are many ways to unpack this staple ingredient, ensuring a varied menu that delivers high nutritional value every day.

Store, thaw and prepare

Angel Bay products are convenient. They are cooked straight from frozen, meaning no mess, no fuss, no waste, and no skill required. When you’re busy caring for others, you want a product that is easy to use, consistent in size and flavour, delicious and performs every time – regardless of who’s the cook that day.

A history of quality

Angel Bay has produced high-quality beef and lamb products in their processing plant in Dunedin for 23 years. They are a proud Kiwi brand who deliver high-quality, delicious New Zealand beef and lamb products to retail and foodservice businesses.

Bring home the taste of homestyle and deliver it with ease, every day – with Angel Bay.